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My Name Is God
Eyehategod Lyrics

Hate You When You're Pregnant · His Name Is Alive · No Use for a Name
· Nick Name · Man with No Name · Name Taken · Cult with No Name · No
Name Horses · Danger Is My Middle Name · My Name Is Kay · Toxic Hate
· No Man's Name · Male country artist (looking for name) · Rusty Wier
-Don't It Make You Wanna Dance.
· You · Baby You're a Firework · Destroy
Rebuild Until God Shows · XXXTENTACION ft.
Ski Mask The Slump


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Comments from YouTube:

Russell Smith

"He attempted to record the sound of smashing glass for the introduction to the album, by smashing a bottle on the floor of the studio. In the process he slashed his hand open badly and bled all over the studio floor. One of the band members then apparently smeared the words "Hell" and "Death to Pigs" in his blood.The studio owner reportedly called Century Media to ask if the band were insane, and threatened to kick them out because of this."

Just when I was thinking I really like this band more than Norwegian Black Metal like Burzum I read that online & I fall in love.

Orso the shadow queer

Season 1 of True Detective was based on a true story.Some of us survived.

Pogo's Ego

Fuck Burzum


i was at a show where mike passed out for a song or two, they just kept playing and he got back up and finished the set lmao


Back in 1996, I saw EHG with PANTERA, and WHITE ZOMBIE. Epic. \m/

Joshua Islamov

Byron Gardner a lot of crowd members actually hated eyehategod and would toss shit at them during their sets cause they wanted to see rob zombie and pantera

Byron Gardner

Eyehategod playing with Rob Zombie and Pantera. The fuck. They scare off all the normies?

Melton Kory

Seen that tour I think typo negative was there opening for zombie then Pantera southern trendkill


Lucky fuck

PreparedGuitar 3

William sick bro

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