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Sophisticated Fight
Falcom Sound Team jdk Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Falcom Sound Team jdk:

Cry for me cry for you Cry for me 君の声が聞こえてる 叫んでる 僕の名前を 強がってた 夢は見ないと 失うのが怖いから 夢 捨てれ…
way of life -Opening Version- 作词: 一二三 恭 生きてるその意味を探し続ける それが生きることさ きっと 理不尽で矛盾だらけの世の中 ヘコんだり挫け…
空の軌跡 ただ 安らかに眠れと 夜が優しく降る 疲れた肩を朝日が 暖めるまでは 過ぎ行く時が やがては 愛を繋いでいく 名もなき…
銀の意志 蒼い時 描く軌跡辿り 答え探す 同じ空 見上げながら 胸に秘めた想い 溢れ出し 空を翔けて 銀色の矢に変わる 求め合う…

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Comments from YouTube:


I just watched "Beginner's Guide" to Elden Ring and this song suddenly came up. Bless you Ymfah!

Yu Rui Seng


Pence Cat

Hah, same here!

Lichzim The Great

Now you can beat DS3 without walking

Hellfire missile salesman



@David Cook I mean the story doesn't start off super exciting so sometimes people don't give it a chance, though most well written stories don't but yeah, first impressions.

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This is by far the best version of the song.


Sax here is great but I like more simplistic and calm approach of original


@Lilya good taste, I do think this one might be second but that's only for my appreciation towards the original... Just something keeps getting me back to it from time to time, which proves it's just GREAT


Incorrect, the original is best.

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