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Fatoumata Diawara Lyrics

2. Sowa


Sowa ayii
Sowa aha sowa wa x2
Lahila hila Mamadara surulayi ko ne bèna kuma sa
Ne bè n'sarala musow la, dunia musow la ko lamò gèlèman
I bè kònòta sègèn na k'i den wolo sègèn na, k'i kan'o lamò abada
Ka taga lamò la i b'o di lamò la k'i kan'o tònò dun abada saha aha ahayiiiiiiiiii
Jònni ye lamò den ye?
Ne ni n'dògòniw lamò den ye
Jònni ye lamò den ye?
Fatan batan ye lamò den ye
N'a u ma nya ne ma ka lamò nyèfò ne dun ma lamò kòrò don
Ko Jònni yé lamò denye?
Ne ni n'dògòniw lamò den ye
Ni woldeni b'i bolo i kan'a di ka taa lamòla
Ni den musomanni bi bolo i kan'a di ka taa lamòla
Den cèmanni bi bolo i kan'a di ka taa lamòla
O bèna ni dusu kasi ye, o bèna ni sòn ja ye
A y'a denw nyè lajè x4
Sani olu ka taa nyani na.
A y'a denw nyè lajè yéééé
Ne ko ko sani olu ka taa sègèn na. A y'a denw nyè lajèèèèè
Ne ko ko sani olu ka taa sègèn na. A y'a denw nyè lajèè hé x2
Sowa aha sowa wa

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Comments from YouTube:

Daniel Harrington

Energizing and calming -- that is an amazing combination!

Sunflower Deckchair

So beautiful, sung from the soul. Big Love to all.

Alice Gibson

I saw Sista Fatoumata sing Sowa on the International Jazz Day 2018 on PBS TV. I was so intrigued with her music that I looked her up on YOUTUBE today. Thank you for being such a strong talented artist, you represent Mother Africa splendidly. A translation for the song appreciated. # Fort Worth, Texas, USA

imma Torra

I and my niece Mariona have discovered your song and we would like to congratulate you for your songs. We love them!

Clotilde Gernigon

Merci pour cette beauté musicale ❤

Amy Léna Alves

J’adore magnifique chanson 😍😍😍

Wesley Cassiano

E eu que vim do Brasil pra escutar esse som! 😍😍

Michele Comper

Canzone bellissima!

Kingsley Ogbe

Great singer! So proud of my African sister....and your stage performance is wao ooo....I am very lucky to have watch you live in Europe

Wang Zijing

I heard this song in a restaurant today, so amazing 😉 好好听

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