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Stukas im Visier
Feindflug Lyrics


Da unten sind Sie, Backbord unter uns, Stukas!
Los geht's! Wir greifen an!

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Comments from YouTube:

Landings Germany

Штука ложил бомбы в десяточку и от рёва некоторые с ума сходили.
Чёткая военная машина в те года.

Tonald Drump

Fun fact for all the non-german speakers out there: Plane in german is called "Flugzeug", which literally translates to "flight stuff".

Florin Aschilean

@Maximilian Wiese I love it and I am efin ashamed of myself that I barely know a few words and I am too lazy to learn it. Some of the best classic music is made in German, like "Die Zauberflöte", "Frühlingsstimmenwaltzer'".

Maximilian Wiese

@Tonald Drump Donaudampfschifffahrtselektrizitätenhauptbetriebswerkbauunterbeamtengesellschaft

Tonald Drump

@Maximilian Wiese Haha easy , except for the grammar and the articles :-D At least to foreigners.

Another fun fact: this throwing together of words is also the reason, why such super uncomplicated words like "Fußbodenschleifmaschinenverleih" or "Straßenverkehrsüberwachungskamera" exist.

Or the obvious one under this video: Stuka, short for "Sturzkampfbomber", which means dive fighting bomber.

Maximilian Wiese

fun fact for everyone: whenever Germans invent or discover something their native language doesn't know yet they simply merge matching words. Like for turtle or tortoise - that's all just toads to Germans, specified by their appearance and habitat: tortoise = Wasserschildkröte (Water shielded toad) or turtle = Landschildkröte (Land shielded toad). Same applies for all the "Zeug" like Flugzeug, Fahrzeug, etc :) Easiest Language!

Adamar y Adamantino (link bio)

En un segundo me llené de recuerdos geniales de cuando bailaba esto


Oh my god that's so epic ^__^ I especially love it at 1:27


​@zostria1 Communists killed more Ukrainians, Belarussians and Russians than Nazis, LOL 😂

A hot woman 🔥

Pig Привет . 😂😐☺

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