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Dr. K
Femme Fatality Lyrics

Adderall darvocet i'll take what i can get
Percocet alcohol dont worry i'll mix them all
Codeine morphine i love amphetamines
Oxycontin vicodin i cant wait to begin

Hey dr. k what do you say
I need some pills and i need them today
I know you've got bills to pay
So write that prescription and i'm on my way
So never mind those men in the FDA

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Comments from YouTube:

Stephanie Stephens

Oh Femme Fatality and Peachcake... that was an amazing show!


No. I saw them live once, too. Not only was the show amazing (and I normally don't like stuff like that), but the guys are incredible. The biggest sweethearts ever.


I love this song! I would have never thought that FF would make it to Nebraska...too bad they're breaking up :(


Fuck yeah!! I only got a chance to see FF once in Florida... And it was in 2007. Been starving for more ever since.


fuckin awesome


thet're not breaking up, but they did add 3 new members.

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