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Second Horizon
Fight The Fade Lyrics

Where is the sun?
Where is the light of day?
It's so dark, I can't see,
but I've been climbing for days.

Just tell me there's something more
Beyond the valley I see...

I'm looking on to the second horizon
Pushing past, pushing thru the pain
You can't tell where the sun is rising
Night is darkest just before the day

You can't tell me this is all for nothing.
All for shame all for not at all.
I just know there is a bigger picture, something out there, I feel it in my bones

To the second horizon.
Daylight is coming.

Contributed by Emily O. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


I love this song so much

Peyton Weir

Why aren't you guys massive yet? It honestly confuses me.

Cheese Steak

Ikr? Awesome band


Peyton Weir Because they mean something. because they have something to say... because they fight

Сергей Пастухов

The same question..


Found you from Discover on Spotify. Immediately, I thought to myself "ooh, I like this band"
I'll be sure to follow you guys and I'm excited to hear more from you!!

Zene Smith

Jono Brannan thanks man!

Jono Brannan

Britany Ashton I found them by meeting Zene. He works as a server here in Tulsa and he served me and my girlfriend one night. Coolest guy I've met in a while.

Sam Beazley

+Sam Beazley from*

Sam Beazley

I found them off of the recommended bands reform I-exist

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