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Soft Music Under Stars
Fila Brazillia Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Fila Brazillia:

Climbing Up The Walls I am the key to the lock in your house That…
Get A Move On You better keep moving You better keep moving You better k…
Hero Theme [Infesticon #0] Ooh, there's big fandango in the wrangle Ooh…
It's Not Too Beautiful You'd like to feel that I would float away someday I…
Lotus Eaters Spikey lady shiny queen don't you tell them what you've…
Suspended Don't wake me I'm still dreaming I don't see you I can't …

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Comments from YouTube:

Federico Manco

This piece brings me into the most beautiful state of now... inexpressible... inner peace, wonder, and beauty.

Mike Jackson

One of the greatest ambient/chillout tracks I know. Been listening to it regularly for 15 years now!

Simon Trounce

One of thee most prolific writers and producers of modern times - Steve Cobby - Genius


Everytime I hear this, I recall my inner child memories that evoque great passion, wonder and hope. It really puts you in a kinda of spiritual spot that makes you grasp on life.. (sorry for my English im from switzerland)


Your English is outstanding. You are far more articulate and expressive than alot of people I know!

Todd Merrell

Oh, God, the stories of my life when this was released. Can't stop listening...

Reinhard Wolf

Oh ja 👍🏻

michelle o'mahoney

one of those tracks that just lifts us out of the low times and reminds us of lifes riches….always loved this band….beautifully produced….


Very true!

Michael Law

Beautifully put

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