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Carry the Torch
Fire Town Lyrics

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Eluveitie Aidus esti-io gnata uer axsin bitous uertassit in uextlon Et…
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The Good Life Way out on Elysian Street Out behind the railroad tracks A…

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Comments from YouTube:

john gonzalez

Man, thanks for posting this; I hadn't seen it since the 80's! Hurry up and enjoy it people, before Butch Vig has it taken down!!! It is beyond me why he's ashamed of this gem of a song and band. Okay, they kinda look like U2 with the leather jackets and mullets, but who in college radio rock and roll didn't dress that way back then?

john gonzalez

@Brian Baker Glad to hear it.

Brian Baker

I had a chance to talk to Butch about a year ago and we talked a lot about this band. He told me that he is upset about the fact that people are trying to sell copies of this for way more than it's worth just because of the guys in it. He said that he has no problem with the band, he just didn't want anyone to spend a bunch on it expecting it to sound like his later work. He was a really nice, down-to-earth guy, actually. Surprised me, kind of.

John B

Thank you for answering which guy is Butch.  I will never understand why this wasn't a bigger hit than it was .  It is still a fantastic song - great guitar, lyrics and harmonies.


I remember hearing this on 1340am, the W.A.R.P., in the early 90's. Or maybe that was 'Radio Chaos' with Terry Havel??

Nick Brege

Thanks for posting this. I've always loved this song ... brings back good memories.

Ed Carper

Thanks for uploading this! I've been searching this one out for awhile.


I loved this album so much. Wonder what Phil Davis is doing these days.

Gary Shook

Here he is, with Butch Vig, a few years ago.

Lone Wolf Attack

These are the most recent interviews I could find from him. Can't find any evidence that he ever released the album he talks about in the first one, though. Title change, maybe? Thanks for watching:

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