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by Fireworks

You don't need maps when you know
Where the sidewalk cracks

Let's walk everywhere we can tonight
It's dark but I tend to see more clearly in this light
Being too angry at the age of sixteen
Turns your early twenties to one of those dreams
Where you can't find what you're looking for

We were over thinking again
Bikes ride faster at 3am

It's still enough for me
It's dark but I tend to see more clearly
It's still enough for me
I love this place unconditionally

We pray for the worst things,
Making presidential threats when the phone would ring
To prove no one in the sky or behind the lines
Cares we're alive

Contributed by Caroline M. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Jeannie Marie

These Guys are straight up from The City. I'm David Mackinders Mom, he lives in the D. So does Adam Mercer. So does the rest of these talented dudes. Don't be hating unless you know what's up. These Fine Young Musicians worked very hard to make their mark. Of course they might sound like NFG or Wonder Years whatever. Understand the industry before you make random comments.


get their asses queen!!!

James R

@Tyler Malone unreal lol

Tyler Malone

@James R, they heard your comment! You made this happen. Feel free to dig into my guts, you YouTube god.

James R

well, tell them to make some new music!


This band was the pinnacle of Pop Punk while they were active. Anyone who disagrees wasn't actually listening.

Jeannie Marie

Right on!!


thumbs up if youre detroit


So good to see the uncut version. MTV Ruined the best part. One of my favorite bands ever. That cd is absolute GOLD. Hope vinyl comes out soon. They deserve all the success they get. Seeing them in Dallas with NFG the 3rd! I like how they didn't even mean making threats to the president though. They meant making threats as if they had the authority of a figure like the president. Oh well. This vid needs to be spread around and quick.

Again We Riot Records

I'm so glad they are back.

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