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wind up bird
Fizzy DINo POp Lyrics

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Octoberman I've been searching for a sign The note you left won't…
Tunng These books were alive they spoke to me The books have…

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Comments from YouTube:


Stuck in and out of my head so many years now

Luke Earthwalker

I really love this song! damn but seems like nobody in the world knows the lyrics for this. .___.


Omg this is so random, I'm like dancing :3

Tyler 6969

There’s one song by fizzy that I can’t remember and can’t find. Lol the struggle

Elijah Flowers

same, ""Hello Party" was it for me.


Ahh! This makes me so hyper. I <3<3<3 it! :D:D

ashley arda

love this song <333

Raymond Huot

More Like Multiple-Eargasms ^_______________^


simply amazing! :D

Savannah Salazar

My ears have a problem, they cnt get enough of Fizzy Dino Pop! :D

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