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Football Head
Flamingosis Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Flamingosis:

Brunch at the Bodega Timbero, toca la timba! Toca la timba...! Timba timbero me …
Down For The Fifth Time Left your mark In a distant past But somehow it's all gone…
Finesse (Hey Baby) Yeah Yeah Hey, baby Subwoman Oh, yeah Yeah Hey, baby Subwom…
Love Me in Everything I'm still here after telling you, so long I'm still here bab…
Ohhh Baby Ohhh Baby Ohhh Baby I-ahhh've been missing you Ohhh Baby I-a…
She Loved Me She was here with me today Walking softly holding hands And …
Wild Summer (Bel)...eza é sentir a natureza Ter certeza pronde vai e de…

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Stand Alone Complex

There's just something bittersweet about the 90's era, a lot sweeter
though. I just can't put my finger on it, the aesthetics of it all was
incomparable, Nickelodeon's old cartoons can depict the era petty well
specially Hey Arnold. Old New York vibes, rusty buildings and bridges,
chiller people, hot scotch and chalkboard drawings in every sidewalk
near a school area, old and crumbly buildings, interacting with
strangers was fun; and would not be considered ''creepy'' or ''awkward''
and many great friendships would be built from a simple appproach/word.
Old school bus smell, nights felt more mystical and suave. Interacting
for long periods of times in a electronic device was punishment or a
challenge, the outdoors were what was trending. Sure we have advance a
lot in many ways, but had it been possible to incorporate the 90's and
80's era into this era it'd be close to heaven. This song and video are
the perfect representation of it.

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thanks for all of the support over the years guys

more new music coming soon, as always :)

يالله يا رب العالمين


Lawrence Ridge

@Paul Jamir you are welcome =)

Paul Jamir

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Thanks so much you saved my account!

Paul Jamir

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Lawrence Ridge

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Ricardo Mendoza

This song is like the perfect representation of looking back at the good times and accepting that they’re gone forever


..but being happy with it nonetheless.

Malcolm Ness Granger

Everytime i hear this song, all i want to do is go back in time... Those raindy days we stayed at home and played with our friends that came over to hang out...
There was no responsibilities, no taxes, no jobs... Only you & your friends playing in the moment living life to the fullest.

wog diddy

Great comment!

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