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Flava Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Flava:

flavas Bao đêm không say giấc anh thấy mình lonely Những kỷ…
Kenapa Singgah Kalau Tak Masuk (Ho, ho-oh) uh-uh-wo (Ho, ho-oh) hey, hey, ih, yeay (Tak-tak…

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Comments from YouTube:

Xesenia Mendez

Am I the only one who burst into tears because of the beginning ?.. actual tears .... I needed to hear that so badly.. like it caught me deep in my chest .. like something I've been needing to hear my whole life ... I'm the only black girl in my institute class until I graduate and it's so hard to keep myself motivated princess Nokia you are my support system at the moment 🦋💙 and I'm gonna make you so proud ☹️💙


This made me cry. You're amazing, we love you <3

Maynard's Spaceship

@Martine Shamzin She feels alone, you fucking idiot. White people don't own blonde hair. Lmfao. I won't drag you, just log off and go live some more. 🙄

Michelle Zhang

You are loved <3

Hayley K

You are beautiful and your life matters, babes 🖤

Martine Shamzin

Really? You can't feel good about being around people because they aren't black? Wow. Good for you white women can't say shit like that. Or point out that no matter hoe much black girls seem to hate us, they still die their hair blond...

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Princess Nokia is an icon and she's gonna change the entire industry

Eleutheria L

@Gabriel that was the comment i was searching for


She didn't


@Shanice Tilly disappointing. Nobody is 1 thing or action tho. But it is a bummer

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