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That's Nice
Fling Lyrics

I'm not denying
I sometimes act a little rash
And you get a little mad
We always stop things turning sad
So glad that your mine

Oo baby oo that's nice
Oo that's nice oo that's nice that's nice baby oo that's nice oo that's nice that's nice

You keep me smiling
Yeah you're everything I need
And what I need is what you have
An oasis in the sand
So glad that your mine

Oo baby oo that's nice
Oo that's nice oo that's nice that's nice baby oo that's nice oo that's nice that's nice

I admit I don't know nothing
But I know you don't have a problem
When ever I get lost and lonely
I know that I can turn to you girl

Oo baby oo that's nice
Oo that's nice oo that's nice that's nice baby oo that's nice oo that's nice that's nice
Oo baby oo that's nice
Oo that's nice oo that's nice that's nice baby oo that's nice oo that's nice that's nice

Oo baby baby that's nice
baby that's nice baby that's nice that's nice baby
Oo that's nice oo that's nice that's nice

Written by: William Fielding, Luke Fielding, Jake Lees, Jack Winn, Charles Mcsorley

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Daniel Gardecki

I've only seen around 30 Monty Python clips maximum, and 1 on their films, so I no idea what you're on about, but did you know Monty Python did a lot of their filming in Bradford?

They filmed at Cartwright Hall, Bradford.
They filmed at Valley Parade Stadium, Bradford.
They filmed at Undercliffe Cemetery, Bradford.
They filmed at Peel Park, Bradford.
They filmed on Southmere Terrace, Great Horton, Bradford.
They filmed on the corner of Toller Lane and Cross Road, Bradford.
They filmed on Whetley Lane, Bradford.
They filmed in Baildon, Bradford.
They filmed on Ilkley Moor, Bradford.
They filmed at Lyceum House, Bradford.
They filmed in Saltaire, Bradford.
They filmed in or around one of the buildings around Shipley Airdale Road, Bradford. It's either 'Paper Hall' or the 'Cock and Bottle' pub, but I can't remember which. All I remember is it was a building on a corner at the top of Church Bank, where a famous 'Billy Liar' scene was filmed.
There's no doubt many more places I don't know about yet, or have forgotten about.

I also heard Five Cities Films based at The Elite Cinema on Toller Lane in Bradford had something to do with the outdoor filming and editing on Monty Python, however the only information I can find about them is in regards to producing cartoons and adverts.

This band is from Bradford and looks to be where this video was filmed.

Steve Abbott the producer of A Fish Called Wanda is also from Bradford. He co-managed Monty Python from 1979-1997. He managed their accounts. He co-founded Prominent Pictures and Prominent Features with them. He's still Michael Palin's agent today.

There also seems to be countless links between Harry Potter and the Monty Python sketches which were filmed in Bradford for example there was a character called Harold Potter in the Man Turns into a Scotsman sketch.

Daniel Gardecki

I've just stumbled across this Bradford band for the 2nd time (I think I briefly checked them out early last year before Windows corrupted my computer in October 2017, so ended up losing all my bookmarks), and like simmy
said I'm pretty sure it's filmed in Bradford. I couldn't say whether it's Saltaire, Bradford specifically however.

Some films and TV shows which are specific to the Saltaire area of Bradford include:

A Is For Acid (2002)
An Inspector Calls (2015)
Antiques Roadshow (2011)
Bill Bryson: Notes from a Small Island (1999)
Building of Britain (2002)
Fry's Planet World (2011)
Funny Cow (2017)
Ghost Stories (2017)
Great British Railway Journey's (2011)
Heston's Great British Food (2014)
Industrial Revelations (2002)
Oz and Hugh Raise the Bar (2010)
Ripping Yarns (1979)
South Riding (2011)
Spanish Flu: The Forgotten Fallen (2009)
The First Film (2015)
The Great Interior Design Challenge (2017)
The Hunter's Prayer (2017)
The Royal (2003-2011)
Tom Grattan's War (1968)

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The Danie Spot

I don’t think this band has ever made a bad song. Love the video, hilarious

Marts Donoghue

It's everything a milkman could dream of...amazing chaps, you've outdone yourselves once again. Creative, Wonderful, Lustful, Smutty, Comedically infused, too sexy and I wish this was an actual backstory to how the band met.


I'm surprised that my local radio station that plays the mainstream hits 99.9% of the time played this song, but I"m glad that they did because now I can't stop listening to it.

Nonsensical Reality

Wow, amazing video and a great song too. So catchy, I'm singing the chorus by the end lol


Such a good song glad I found it

Katalin Ugrai

Great song to sing in the streets!

Tom White

Still listening 3 years later

Jesus Vargas Aguilar

This is sooooooo cooooolll!!! I’ve been waiting soooo long for this vídeo!! And it worth it!!!


Fuck I love this song, I’d only heard the song Just a Dog before this but I’m definitely gonna keep an ear out for more music


I love it! greetings from Poland ;p

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