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The Throne Of Agony
Foetus Lyrics

Hello, operator... give me no-man's land
Collect call to no one at all
Been yelling into an empty closet to the point of no return (and no deposit)
Fiddlin and watchin while rome boins
A roll of the dice: the woim toins

Hello, central... give me no-man's land
From a walking waste disposal unit
A transfusion from me'd kill the faint of heart

Alas poor yorick... I knew me well but I bin killin ma brain cell by cell
It only takes a bullet to make the woim toin--an this one's for you...

The toll is belling... the signs is telling
Nose is running... feet are smellin (foetus melon)
Currently less than a human wreck
Gimme a break... start at the neck

I rule my body from the throne of agony
My conscience and constitution's naggin me
Clock up another tracheotomy
Stab another dagger inna back o' me
The dark gods boint ma evil soul
Ma brittle spirit's toint to coal
I rule my body from the throne of agony
The throne of agony

Chalk up another frozen pizza... choke up another thousand marlboros
Anything goes for them ordinary joes
They'll cut off your face to spite your nose
I don't need to touch their toes to know I've already reached my all time low
Pacin' ruts inna carpet
Eatin' up the wallpaper, crawlin' the walls, sick on the ceiling
Dead in the head
Shut the shutters... I shoulda stayed in bed

Complainin bout ma campaign against personal decency
I got no excuses
Just rules wrapped in barbed wire, laced with busted glass
(yeah, I'm the one who gave the sandwich to mama cass)

Stoke up and poke up my funeral pyre
And watch my life flicker before your very eyes
With no commercial breaks... no brakes
No brakes... (kill me baby)

Pour another glass of liquid clear
King alcohol
Drinkin hard to not remember what I'd just as soon forget
String around the finger... rope around the neck
You always hate the one you love
Time dies when you're having fun
I'm gonna change ma name... I'm changin' trains... (kill me baby)


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Comments from YouTube:

John S Rome

No comments? The guy's lyrical, musical & sound engineering skills are phenomenal. Remember, he did all of it himself & claimed to have no ability to play any instrument. If anything, some of his work went downhill when he created a "real" rock band, imho.

John S Rome

@Eschaton Immanentizer Oh, yes, being stoned definitely heightens one's appreciation of music, art, food! Man, I miss it. You got some interesting stories there. Getting into music through the back door, as it were. You needed to hear some alt. stuff before you got into a broader range. That's quite unusual. Nothing wrong with that but I can see why you hold Foetus in such high regard (nothing wrong with that either!). I'm glad you feel like a different person now. Sounds like a happier person. Music with depth is like good poetry. It can indeed help shift your world view. Ever tried SWANS or Coil or Einsturzende Neubauten? Just personal favourites of mine. Well, life in America seems pretty fucking intense from where we stand in Europe. I hope you stay safe, stay happy, stay out the way of stray bullets! Feel free to keep in touch, buddy.

Eschaton Immanentizer

Oh, as for Thirlwell getting me into music, really appreciating it... I needed a ride one day from work as I was having car problems, and my brother picked me up in his disgusting, messy, cigarette-butt filled car. He's playing music, it's something I never heard before and it's super compelling. "What is this?" I asked him, probably for the first time in genuine awe and curiosity, as I wanted to look into what this was. It was Foetus, specifically Love, "(Not Adam)". It was from there I basically discovered music. Funny how most people need something conventional first, but I couldn't get in until I could jump right into the, uh, "experimental" stuff, for lack of a better term.

Eschaton Immanentizer

@John S Rome I will be tonight while camping! And never apologize for a good drug story! I didn't start pot until just last year--never realized how uplifting it is for appreciating art.

Thirlwell's actually the one that got me into music. I've lived in the American midwest all my life as a millennial--I had no real access to good music. I actually thought music was shit, and a lost opportunity. See, despite my upbringing, I somehow picked up a similar philosophy of art, of pushing boundaries and of mixing genres, and breaking convention. I was ignorant back then, if only I knew that people thought and did just like that, it was all mostly from before I was born. Now I listen to everything from The The to The Banshees to The Residents to Nick Cave and my life is different and I'm a different person now. I hope Gen Z or a future generation can rediscover creativity, because it's so much more rare these days.

John S Rome

@Eschaton Immanentizer I like that. I like that very much! Kinda burned myself out so can't touch it anymore but, oh, so many nights stoned with my best buddy, drifting into the heart of amazing music. Can you do the pocket test? Hehe! A very long time ago I was in a little vegetarian cafe in Amsterdam that happened to sell top quality gear too. Nepalese Black - in the day (over 30 years ago), supposedly lined with a little opium powder to help the Buddhist Monks get into some serious meditation. I had something to eat, rolled a fat one with Nepalese Black, smoked it. Went into my pocket to get money out to pay. I swear, at least one hour later I still couldn't get my hand out of my pocket. I was so fucking stoned I was completely immobilised. Guess the nice folk in the café had seen it before, nobody bothered me as I stared at the wall with my hand in pocket for an hour or two. Unsurprisingly, you can't get real Nep Black in Amsterdam anymore. And that's was my litmus test for how stoned can you get thereafter. Sorry, bit of a ramble, couldn't resist it. I hope you're enjoying the genius that is Jim Thirwell with your hand stuck firmly in your pocket, buddy.

Eschaton Immanentizer

@John S Rome I'm too stoned right now. Being high lets you truly appreciate how genius this stuff is.

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loving the hell out of this

Kev Mac

Oh yeah this brings back the nightmares, I mean memories

Noel Gutiérrez

here in mèxico was a true an odissey to get ANY from them (cassetes, albums,beta and vhs!

Robert Melia

Unspeakably awesome.
Makes me want to get unspeakably shit-faced out of nostalgic respect. 💜

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