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These Things Should Be Whispered
For Your Ears Only Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Janet Eason

I feel the Whispers are one of the greatest old school groups ever. I love them.

Katarzyna .Nowak

I would appreciate lyrics. Can't find it anywhere and because I'm not a native speaker it's hard for me to hear everything

kenneth pierson



They still sounds great after all these years!

Maxine Vaughn-Ayala

I'm loving this play list! Perfect harmonies! 😍🌹🌹

Doc Davis

Just like the their song "it just gets better with time", the Whispers has withstood the test of time for the last few decades! A testament to their talents as a group. As a 25 year old man I appreciate it.


2019 anyone, still the best love making group of all time RIP NC

Tagura Stevenson

They voice is so lovely 😊

Lauana Fox

The Whispers are my favorite group, they all are talented and good looking.

Andre Gough

This album is so underrated wow this is one of the best I've ever heard from start to finish. IF you really love the whispers check this album out for your ears only. DRE SKULLY THE BRONX.

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