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Brothers In Arms
For the Fallen Dreams Lyrics

Where were you! When i needed you! (repeat)

Time and time again, i see you slide your way through life so make things harder on yourself.

This is a test of what you've become, all that i ask of you is your blood in arms, this is a test of what you've become.

Its time to set this off!

to set this straight.
Where were you! When i needed you! (repeat)

Contributed by Josiah S. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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this album got me through Iraq.

chan. gachalife

@Emmanuel Vasquez dogfight f hillbilly skill hippo lollipop jmkkkkikiiiioooghkok

chan. gachalife

@Emmanuel Vasquez cgf

Emmanuel Vasquez

A few years late on my part, but thank you for your service brother. Hope life treats you as well as you deserve bro

Jake Enderby

Anybody still listening to this in 2019?

Changes and Relentless will forever be two of the greatest metalcore albums of ALL time.

kalebe oliveira

In setember of 2020 too

Brian HxC


Karenina Leon

2020 and still here!

Jake Enderby

@XxMayhemxX666 who cares



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