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Minute Waltz
Frédéric Chopin Lyrics

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I've got minute
Just a little minute
I have only got a minute
Just a minute

I have only got a minute
That is all the time I have
To sing this tiny little minute waltz
It isn't easy but I'll try it then

I've got to say goodbye
But first I'll take a minute
And put in it
Every note that you may know

That less I sing a little minute waltz
And hope I can sing with no faults
I know it's difficult
I'll give it every last breath that I've got within my body

Hope that my performance won't be very shoddy
Singing every moment won't do wonders for my throat
I probably will end up hoarse
Of course I will I've got it down a wager

That I made I will I want
I know its not the money but the
Satisfaction that I get from winning money
On this silly kind of bet

Though this kind of solo wasn't his intention
Chopin isn't here to make an intervention
So with your permission
And no intermission

I will sing each note
That that composer wrote
As you can hear my trilling
Isn't very thrilling

But no one can say
I wasn't very willing
To attempt a thing that's not been done
And just for fun to sing the minute waltz

As I sing the seconds fly
All too soon the minute waltzes by
And now I ask you where am I
Halfway through the tune and I'm falling far behind

I have less than thirty seconds
Less than thirty seconds
Less than thirty
Less than half a minute

I have less than thirty seconds
I have less than half a minute
To complete this little minute waltz
But every note that's in the score I buy

The sands of time I know are pouring at me
With my bet and honour with the money
Down to some big store and there to buy a honey
And a trophy for myself

To put upon the shelf
To show the world I've won

Oh, the second hand is rushing round the dial
And though I'd like to end this torture with a smile
And lest someone knows how to stop the clock
You're gonna see me cry
Before I say goodbye

___ To complete the song
But I'm afraid my little lungs will burst before too long
If only I can last this day
I won't have failed to sing a little minute waltz.

Ruairidh McGhee

@LordOfLuxury Here, I'll make it more clear for you:

song /sɒŋ/


1 A short poem or other set of words set to music or meant to be sung.

1.1 Singing or vocal music.

1.2 A musical composition suggestive of a song.

The way a dictionary works is that it lists different definitions that a word can have. The word song can have several definitions, including 'A musical composition reminiscent of a song (as per definition 1)'.

I'm sorry I wasn't so clear when I first gave you a dictionary definition for the word 'song'.

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Not quite a minute in length, but definitely minute in character. Chopin named the waltz "Valse du petit chien" (Waltz of the little dog), and it's hard not to see a small dog running around playfully chasing its tail in this piece. I hope this piece can brighten up your week, what amazing things are you all getting up to?



Rosie Johnson

Aww! I can picture my little dog, now that you mention it

Potato Guardian

Can you do slower version please, slower version is soulful


@brachypelmasmith long time playing this piece this year after 10 years of practice


Well, I guess Chopin wrote happy pieces.

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This is spectacular.

yan wang

Can you do a remix of Chopin minute waltz

Olim Pather

Interesting, it's because his an EDM music channel.

Potato Guardian

DJs know how to play many instruments before mastering the bass.

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