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Yarum Praise Songs
Fra-Fra Tribesmen Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

L'Ok Jazz

Haven't heard this in 40 YEARS!!! THANK YOU for posting!

Douglas Paterson

Wayyyyyyyy back in jooooobaleeeeeee!

Frank Sontim-Buor

This tune by Kunaal and Sosira played on the goji and siyagre(rattle) praises a powerful chief of Nangodi, Upper East of Ghana. The chief, Lanyel, was widely called Na Yarim.


hey anyone wanna help me with my music appreciation class???XD

Mr. Bones BBQ

Ohhhh, yassss....

Buffalo New Yorker

This must be the source of the Blues and Rap styles of my people. So proud our African heritage has survived.

joachim j

How many of you here after watching FREE MALAYSIA TODAY>: Jim Madasamy: Bluesman who broke racial barriers

James Johnson

The praise song is part of a compilation of songs on the album, " The Story Of The Blues." Can you feel it. Remember that we all have the same great great grandmah, some don't believe, some do. I think that don't, don't believe for economics reason.

Lily Of The Valley

Thank you.

Michael Webb

heard this on a disc ,early 70s.burundi black.yes.brilliant blues stem incorrect.(natural fire)! this is a BIG fluence on all music.

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