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Ebb Tide
Frank Chacksfield Lyrics


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Tom Gray

I remember this version when i was a kid, then i grew up and life took me to school and to war and life, and I forgot about it. Now its one of those nostalgic things that brings me some great memories.


This song is one of my favorites and thank you for your service.

RRW 1982

@Basil&Sage And weren't we all so fortunate to have the possibility of something like this JUST SHOWING UP on a pop radio program in those days. Beautiful and simple melodies that have taken root in so many minds and hearts.

Rob Luthier

a esta maravillosa canción la escuché cuando era muy chico, gracias a mis viejos! Una de las composiciones más hermosas del mundo por un gran maestro Frank Chacksfield. Gracias por publicar tanta buena música!

D Gueber

Mi papá era fan de una radio en El Salvador que se llama radio el mundo, se podría decir que está canción fue mi música de cunas por años en mi infancia, me recordará a el aún cuando muera ...

Jess Saes Christian UV

Thanks Mom. This was your album you used to play when we left California. As a baby I remember well you playing this on the Sony console stereo dad brought back from Japan when he was U.S.N. North Island and Viet Nam was all the NEWS. She would play this album when my dad was away fighting the war, and the house was lonely and we missed dad. Thanks again Mom. Rest in Peace. - Joseph

Bonnie McGinnis

My Father , one of his favorites..💕

Bonnie McGinnis

Yup p


I'm 59 in July 2013, and this song is one of those song that define nostalgia, that warm fuzzy feeling that comes from whatever generates it. It wasn't until about 10 years ago I realized that all the songs I heard from 5 years of age and before are what generate this nostalgia feeling. I've been on the hunt ever since. One of my "hearts" favorite songs.

José Luis Robles

Esta melodía jamás pasará de moda ,magnífica interpretacin

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