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The Bird in the Bush
Frankie Armstrong Lyrics

Three maidens a-milking did go
And the wind it did blow high and the wind it did blow low
And it waved their petticoats to and fro

They met with some young man they know
And they asked of him if he had any skill
For to catch them a small bird or two

Oh yes I've a very good skill
So it's come along with me to the yonder flowering tree
And I'll catch you a small bird or two

So away to the greenwoods went they
And he tapped at the bush and the bird it did fly in
Just a little above her lily-white knee

Then her sparkling eyes they did turn round
Just as if she had been in a swoon
And she cried "Oh, I've a bird and a very pretty bird
And he's pecking away at his own ground"

Here's a health to the bird in the bush
And we'll drink down the moon, and we'll drink up the sun
Let the neighbours say little or much

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