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Symphony 99 In Eb/Vivace
Franz Joseph Haydn Lyrics

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George Law

Haydn experiments with tonality in this symphony (the first of his in which clarinets are used): though the main key is E flat, the slow movement is in G major and the trio in C major. Note how the music at 18:55 moves effortlessly from the end of the minuet (E flat) to the start of the trio (C): the modulation is achieved through the note G, which is both the mediant of E-flat major and the dominant of C major. Little things like this are a source of fascination for me – and Haydn's symphonies are full of such little gems.

adrian jose corvis mausa

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Elaine Blackhurst

George Law You’re right to identify points of interest in this symphony because it puts you in good company. Beethoven twice copied out the first movement development section for study purposes (he was particularly interested in the contrapuntal work).

Orden Just

I like the part that goes "pum pum pum pum pum pum."


Thank you perfessor!


The woodwind writing - he learned from the recently departed Mozart.

Elaine Blackhurst

haanashim The woodwind writing was largely determined by the quality of the players he found in London. It appears the clarinets were somewhat suspect and not as good as those in Vienna, hence the rather conservative parts.
There is very little evidence that Haydn took much in terms of orchestration from Mozart, and the two composers had very different concepts of orchestral sonorities and textures.

Надежда Вазильева

I play in the orchestra and we are playing this concerto

Elaine Blackhurst

Надежда Вазильева ‘...concerto’. Recte: ‘...symphony’.

Brian Knapp

Lovely adagio slow movement.

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