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Grey Clouds
by Franz Liszt

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Bleak The dark sky prevails, the rain beats hard And I feel…
Dakoda Motor Co. Grey clouds in the sky Clutter up my life Blue skies aren'…
Three Mile Pilot All along this life there were the signs All along this…

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Comments from YouTube:

Christian Vennemann

Liszt composed something playable... Is that legal?


Liszt's answer to his neighbour when he asked him, "How's the weather?"

Erik Jo

He answered with an augmented chord


lmao I just learned a piece from Liszt in two days

Giovon Colón

@Classical Music Visualisation - MIDI With Visuals Do you want a cookie?

Classical Music Visualisation - MIDI With Visuals

InchofF 2?! I did in 1 evening

Aaron Li

Yes, it's comparatively easier in terms of the virtuosic aspects. However, the emotions and phrasings in this piece are hard to grasp.

Madame Blackimus Prime

Dude! What the heck is that?!?! Sounds like Liszt from beyond the grave. Sounds like he was boiling a mouse when he recorded this...


Listen to the piece by Rosemary Brown supposedly channeled by Liszt's ghost. Since you mentioned "Liszt beyond the grave..." lol.



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