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Grey Clouds
Franz Liszt Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Grey Clouds' by these artists:

Bleak The dark sky prevails, the rain beats hard And I feel…
Dakoda Motor Co. Grey clouds in the sky Clutter up my life Blue skies aren'…
Three Mile Pilot All along this life there were the signs All along this…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Franz Liszt:

ラ・カンパネラ 愛の鐘が鳴る 湧き起こる叢雲(むらくも)の響き たなびくプライド 虚ろな微笑み砕く 愛の無い欲望 見せかけの情熱 手を…

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Comments from YouTube:

Christian Vennemann

Liszt composed something playable... Is that legal?

Jack Curley

@Abraham Villalobos lmao wtf?

The Great Pianist

It was not our good Liszt, it was an dying God

Christian Vennemann

@Abraham Villalobos Ummm...what?

Abraham Villalobos

@Christian Vennemann You are black, what are you doing playing the piano?

Layser H

Christian Vennemann I don’t know man

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Liszt's answer to his neighbour when he asked him, "How's the weather?"


@𝇚𝇚𝇚𝇚𝇚𝇚𝇚𝇚𝇚𝇚 🤣


@Mathews196 lmao



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