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Unreliable Narrator
by Free Salamander Exhibit

Teach a stone to fly
Raise the catafalque high
Raise the catachresis
See the eagle rise
Carrying its nest of stones to the sky
See its mute and calcified progeny rain down
On a desert fraught
Mit ein unvorstellbarer Gott
No place for the eagle of Hegel
In the desert of glas
Unrwiting the master's voice
Unwriting the name of god, gl
Unwriting the flame of Geist
Unwriting the gl the gl the glas
Catachresis Catafalque Cataglot

Always already we have started
Always already we're there
Always already we are cinders
Always already we're gone

Teach a god to speak
Let it be Hebrew or Greek
Im Anfang var die Logos
Give holocaust to the sun
From flower to fruit to wine to blood to the fire
The all-burning, all-giving always already retreating formless unvorstellbarer god of the desert
God of the East, rising to learn to fall
To learn to die in the arms of the West
The ashes remain

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