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by Free the Robots

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Da Spicy Birb

Those people who disliked are jazzholes

dunny boi

tripped acid to this. thank the lord.


how does this only have 200k something views and has been out for 8 years, and Iggy Azalea can get 100m views in like a week -.-


@ZlexiiFlow RMZ I love u long time...

ZEX Thabeatlounge

@Sunny C I luv u bro.


There's a lot of stupid people in this world, that's why.

bob linka

Fantastic cover to the old song from the four freshmen: "love" , from their 1955 álbum: " 4 Freshmen and 5 trombones"

Joe Doccola

just recently got into this kinda music... Anyone recommend me anything like this please!?!?

Da Spicy Birb

Joe Doccola Here’s some few example I think you would like it:House remix,French house,future funk and vaporwave.

Hope you enjoy! ;)

Luis Rivera

If Jazz and House had a baby, this would be it.

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