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Fritz Kreisler Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Liebesleid' by these artists:

Betontod Hör endlich auf mir zu erzählen Warum es nicht weitergeht …
Comedian Harmonists Dein Kuß hat mir den Frühling gebracht. Denk′ an dich bei…
KMFDM Und wenn ich also sterben muss Will ich ertrinken in deinem…
Peter Alexander Traurig und schön sitzt du da Und ich weiß was du…

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Comments from YouTube:

Vegeta Pixel

Congratulations Kreisler, you played yourself.


Well, would you look at that! Just look at it! He played this so well, that I had to just stand here, and say well just look at that!

Marcel Audubon

@Jim Barley humor is usually funny ... or are you introducing a new variety?

Jim Barley

@Marcel Audubon What are you talking about😂 i said underrated because of his comment. Because Kreisler “played” himself… don’t act like a stuck up elitist and enjoy some humor from time to time

Marcel Audubon

@Jim Barley stop with the braindead "underrated," comment, Millennials! this was one of the most famous violinists of the 20th century. He wasn't underrated, ferchrissakes, he was celebrated!

Marcel Audubon

no need to ever bicker with someone about what the composer really wanted when you play yourself!

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Kei Obata

“You need to know happiness to experience sadness, and you need to know sadness to experience happiness”- Liebesleid

Redstone Alex

@Raphael Straße •___•


@Finxy you...born...idk lol


100% agree

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