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Ending This
Future Real Lyrics

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I've been looking at a bunch of the original animusic videos, and i'm kinda surprised that only Pipe Dream has been made into a real life version.

Whenever "fingers" or "arms and fingers" are used, such as on the guitar(s?) or drums, you can use fine steel wires controlled by servos, linear actuators, motors, etc. located elsewhere to make them look nearly identical, and move with great precision. I'm not sure about the 4 drum arms on the .... barbell weight looking thing though, but i'm sure something can be figured out for that one.

The laser beams that the video focuses on at the end? there's no reason that can't work looking almost identical to what you see. The lasers that come out of the neck of the guitar is no big deal either.

The flute/whistles on the guitar(s?) are... well, in the animation, they physically distort and stretch. Obviously that won't work IRL, but they can still move up and down to approximate the motion.

The light ring around the guitar(s?) can probably only be approximated with an acrylic disc and some creative lighting. free-floating light just isn't possible, and an arc of ionized air/plasma would make too much noise and has too much chance of shorting out somewhere it shouldn't.

It's those big blue pillars of light in the back that I just can't figure out how to pull off with an irl equivalent. Laser beams don't need much in the air to be seen, so only a small amount of fog/smoke is needed on set to make them nice and visible. broad collimated light that is that broad and dim requires much more particulate in the air to be seen without affecting the brightness of the light itself. a physical object connecting the two sides to act as a diffusion media would be visible when they're off, that would ruin the effect.

The large green laser beam that originates from one of the "hands" on the guitar(s?) is also a slight problem, as the source is much smaller than would be necessary to generate a beam of that strength. There are ways to work around that, but most are rather messy... It could be done though.

Intel's "Industrial Controller" demo was little more than a gimmicky way to show off something they were trying to sell to factories, as evidenced by how many concessions were made in its construction compared to the original. I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who have nostalgia for things like this and now have the know-how, skill, and facilities to make a thing like this a reality. That's why it's surprising that only Intel has made something that even resembles an animusic video in real life.

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I still remember watching this in 1st grade music class and not being able to think about anything else for the rest of the day

Abe W

@Evan Stipek Me too


@depressed thoughts i jis jiu

bill adams

SAME!!! But I’ve done it from kindergarten through 3rd grade.

Rachel Lauren




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Rusty Shackelford

mid 2000s
Music teacher in elementary school: “I don’t feel like doing anything today, so I’ll just pop in a animusic video and call it a day.”


I know that this is the beginning of amimusic 1(?)

John Doe

They actually do that, I shit you not.

Haleiwa Hotdog

The fact people still are talking about those days in music class means maybe the teacher did more than we realized when they put that tape in….

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