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G-Spott Lyrics

You know that
Is when you're all alone
It's tragic
Y'gotta start over
But don't you think there is no cure at all

I know your
Has got you all alone
You had it
But then you let it go
But don't you think there is no hope at all

Living in your lonesome world
You're thinking if you let yourself go
Out there
You'll be too scared

But girl
Soon you'll be out of time
No second change get things right
Out there
Better make up your mind

You're moving in way too fast
You got to try to make it last
Better relax

You thought it all was a dream
Love is never what it seems
Oh boy
You better believe

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Comments from YouTube:

Vadim Galickiy

2020, эх ностальгия... такого уже не будет

ЛавБоss Прогнозы на футбол


lusia iliyash

Такая ностальгия😍Очень тёплые воспоминания 😍Не забыть никогда ❤ 😔😢❤ Одно из самых лучших воспоминаний,к сожалению не вернуть 😔😢💕❤

Yuriy Golynskiy

2020!!! Отбился!

Сергей Харламов

Вот были времена помню когда я в клубах отжигал так под эту песенку!=)))

ЛавБоss Прогнозы на футбол


Алёна Базакина

очень любила

smart people


andrulya meister

Семя семя в Мортру, Хилимся Живем!!!!


2020 Always nice !!

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