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Gabriel Fauré Lyrics

C'est Lindor, c'est Tircis et c'est tous nos vainqueurs!
C'est Myrtille, c'est Lydé! Les reines de nos coeurs!
Comme ils sont provocants! Comme ils sont fiers toujours!
Comme on ose régner sur nos sorts et nos jours!

Faites attention! Observez la mesure!

Ô la mortelle injure! La cadence est moins lente!
Et la chute plus sûre! Nous rabattrons bien leur caquets!
Nous serons bientôt leurs laquais! Qu'ils sont laids! Chers minois!
Qu'ils sont fols! (Airs coquets!)

Et c'est toujours de même, et c'est ainsi toujours!
On s'adore! On se hait! On maudit ses amours!
On s'adore! On se hait! On maudit ses amours!
Adieu Myrtille, Eglé, Chloé, démons moqueurs!
Adieu donc et bons jours aux tyrans de nos coeurs!
Et bons jours!

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Comments from YouTube:

Neal Ward

I am a 69 year old black American and have been listening to classical music since I was a child. Mostly learned to enjoy on my own all alone. Sad thing is even now I have few friends to sit and enjoy it with. The few I do share with though it is such a joy. The Faure pavane # 50 is one of my absolute favorites.


It is a great piece of music. You don't need friends to enjoy.


Xzibit sampled this to make "Paparazzi", so you are definitely not the only black American to enjoy this music.

Donna Bittner

Aren't we ALL looking for the beautiful during these difficult times?

Donna Bittner

Neal, you appear to have thousands of friends here.
Listening during the Covid-19 crisis . October 20, 2020.


I hope you're still well, Mr. Ward.

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Kırmızı Kep


Vedat Can Demirci

İyi geceler iyi insan 😴😴

Hamed Mahdavi

“Without music, life would be a mistake.”

Friedrich Nietzsche,

Twilight of the Idols

Dirk Noom

@cuong vlog89 This is just rude.

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