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Hashem Melech
Gad Elbaz Lyrics

This is the world makeover/ Mashiach will come takeover/
You ain’t gotta be me/ or see what I see/
all you gotta do is take a look forward/ lift up your eyes/
to the sky/ spread out your hands say thank you smile/
get em up/ get em up/ get em up/ high high/ yep yep/
pump up the volume/ everyday stand in place/
pressure building/ tryna hold my face/ mind drifting/
like not today/ wake up from everything/
break out your shell and scream/
H-shem You're The King/
H-shem You're The King/

Hashem Melech, Hashem Malach
Our father, King David’s rock
Your honor, we give our lot
The stronger we cling you drop
The blessing, the Bracha, success, Hatzlacha
The world is yours, you offer it to whomever calls you

Wake up my friend we gone
We praising Hashem with all of our soul
The Klippa is fighting we know
We waging a war we won’t let ‘em go
Even if the world don’t turn
The fire will burn, the Aish Tamid
Or Korban, self sacrifice, Yep put Aish on me
We clapping loud, scream it loud
We’re gonna take the crown
Bring it back straight to the king
Then we bow, Malchut complete, yup!!!
Pick up a Mitzvah, lay down the Chet
Olam Haba or Olam Hazeh
The feeling is great when we can say
Praise Hashem his name is great!

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Bittmann Finance

Blessed are You, Lord, our G-d, King of the universe, the Judge of Truth.

May her memory be a blessing to you and every life she touched. We will return with our loved ones again in the future, as seen in Daniel chapters 7-9 and in the book of Zechariah.

I'd like to share a story with you that I heard. There was a man in eastern Europe whose wife passed away. The death of his wife really upset him for over a year and eventually he stopped talking to friends, started working less, even contemplating suicide, and then he stops observing shabbat.

The rabbi of his Synagogue knew the man was still grieving, but eventually he grew really worried about him and decided to give him a visit since he has been grieving for longer than usual.

The rabbi knocks on the door, the man opens it up with a deathly look on his face, he and the rabbi sit next to the fireplace in the man's house. The rabbi looks him in the eyes, then takes a coal out of the fire. The fireplace is lit and all the coals are glowing and aflame. He took a coal out and set it on the concrete away from the flame where the other coals are. They watch as the coal quickly stops glowing and turns to a dull, black color. Then the rabbi tosses the coal back into the flame with the others and it instantly lights aflame and starts glowing. The rabbi gets up and says, “I'll see you next shabbat” and leaves.

The coal represents the members of the synagogue. When we isolate ourselves from the group, we're further from G-d and the flame within us burns out, but when we stay with the pack and keep G-d's Mitzvot that He gave us and keep glorifying His name, then the flame within us will quickly burn again and we'll glow like the light to the nations that prophet Isaiah tells us we are supposed to be.

May HaShem bless you to grow to become a great child of your mother and honor her name and the name of our G-d through the good deeds and righteous life that you can choose to live.

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What a song no matter the religion, no matter the color. We’re first of all humans, leave stereotypes and problems out, forget about everything just during the time of this beautiful song I love you all 👍🏻👍🏼👍🏽👍🏾👍🏿 ✝️☪️✡️❤️❤️❤️



Danny Rosenberg

If he made us eternal, we would be him.

Crystal Jonas

This is so true



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Kim Henriksen

Nice Beat!! 🔊🔊🔊

Jahriyah Dixon

Post a community.

שמשון הגיבור

@GTA online 10+26שאני וברוך נכנסנו לדת השיר הזה ליווה אותנו כל הזמן💐

Robin Goodman




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