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New Life
Gaia Epicus Lyrics

[Words & Music: Hansen]

I feel it, I hear it, I see but can't believe it
I fear it, I've tried it, and now I'm free at last

We seem to have lost the
Will to give a helping hand
But it's not to late to make a change

A new life has begun (From the darkness he rise)
Through the years I have learned to live with the pain
As the story unfolds (He reveals all his past)
All the secrets is out a new life has begun

The hard times, the sadness, it's hard to live and learn
You face it, cant race it, you just have to take your time

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Comments from YouTube:


its friggen catchy and awesome just discoverd them and they are amazing BY THE POWER OF GREYSKULL THEY GOT THE POOOOWEEEEERRRR :D

Sonia Hunter

que grande es esta cancion!! no conocia este grupo pero ha sido impresionante desde la primera vez que la he oido!! gran grupoo!! metaaaaaaaaaaaaal


hahaha el tema no es muy espectacular, pero el video es para cagarse de la risa xD


Excellent song, the vocal and overall production on this album is a huge step up from the first two. I'm sorry to hear that you lost your lead guitar player, I hope you find somebody soon. I'd try out myself if I wasn't 4,000 miles away in the states with my own band to worry about.

Anass Zahim

i agree with you :D , they are good, but don't steel different than the others Powermetal bands


Epicus Failus

Kevin Pinzon

bueno , pues como ya saben se llaman gaia epicus mmm son una banda de power metal creada en los 90 comenzaron tocando varios generos: trash, punk,y terminaron con un power metal cambiaron de nombre muchas veces el nombre con el que mas duraron por el momento fue execution bueno si quieren hablar de metal solo aghreguenme mi correo es :powerposecion666@hot...


if you dont like this then you are not a trully powermetahead

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