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Gareth Richards Lyrics

My friend Dave is a little it square,
just like a fridge
My friend Dave hasn't got any hair
Just like a fridge
But Dave doesn't listen to what you say
he likes to pretend that everythings okay
Dave keeps things the same way everyday
Just like a fridge

My friend is white,
just like a fridge
Dave doesn't wash so he gently hums
just like a fridge
His light comes on when you open the door
you can only use Dave for what Dave is for
Dave at a party is a bit of a bore
Just like a fridge

My friend Dave is cold inside
just like a fridge
but he's warm if you touch him on the back
just like a fridge
Dave's Dad is called Eric
and his Mum is Joanne
whilst travelling in east Asia
their romance began
and that's how come dave was made in Japan
just like a fridge

we always though dave would be alone
just like a fridge
cause Dave is not very good at talking to girls
just like a fridge
we finally met her when he brought her home
but she couldn't quite fit into the living room
'cause she was massive
just like a fridge
she was difficult to manover
just like a fridge
they had a lot in common
just like a fridge

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Comments from YouTube:

Gareth Richards

You've probably worked it out already but: G C G C G C G C D C G D C G Am C D G D C G D C G

Emily Bullard

Gareth Richards my teacher showed me this while he was talking about smiles

Gareth Richards

@mybikevideos OK, I'll hopefully have the Russell Howard version up soon. This was a music video I made for the recorded version of the song which I admit I did experiment with a different singing style for (a bit morrissey). I'm pleased you prefer the live version, I think I probably do too. But you know we try things out and some work better than others. Thanks for watching.


Still makes me laugh. Watch the Russell Howard version though too :-)


That "She was difficult to manouvre" bit always makes me laugh ^^, Well done Gareth.

Gareth Richards

@garethrichardscomedy I was pleased with the recordings though which are on itunes and spotify, but some definitely work better live than recorded.

JoJo Johnstonee

lol just watched this on Russell Howards Good News Extra <3.


Love this. It's kind of sweet & laugh out laugh at the same time. Really like your deadpan delivery Gareth.

Ryan Burke

on russel howard good news there was an extra line where he said my friend dave has no hair just like a fridge, friend dave has no hair just like a fridge.

Joaquinyana A

This video is amazing! It has brightened up my life! Gareth Richards is a genius.

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