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by Gareth Richards

My friend Dave is a little it square,
just like a fridge
My friend Dave hasn't got any hair
Just like a fridge
But Dave doesn't listen to what you say
he likes to pretend that everythings okay
Dave keeps things the same way everyday
Just like a fridge

My friend is white,
just like a fridge
Dave doesn't wash so he gently hums
just like a fridge
His light comes on when you open the door
you can only use Dave for what Dave is for
Dave at a party is a bit of a bore
Just like a fridge

My friend Dave is cold inside
just like a fridge
but he's warm if you touch him on the back
just like a fridge
Dave's Dad is called Eric
and his Mum is Joanne
whilst travelling in east Asia
their romance began
and that's how come dave was made in Japan
just like a fridge

we always though dave would be alone
just like a fridge
cause Dave is not very good at talking to girls
just like a fridge
we finally met her when he brought her home
but she couldn't quite fit into the living room
'cause she was massive
just like a fridge
she was difficult to manover
just like a fridge
they had a lot in common
just like a fridge

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