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Little Lonely Girl
by Garrison Starr

Little lonely girl
No one in the world
Set your sights down low
Little lonely girl

Missed identity
Where can you be free
There's no place like home
Little lonely one

Love is listening
Fall deep into sleep
And lift your eyes
You don't have to hide

Solitary heart
Born broken apart
It's a choice you'll never know
You'll learn to stand alone

Love is listening
Fade into a dream
And lift your eyes
Up to the sky

Oh but you gotta show your strength
Flex your muscle
Protect your name
And defend your stuff
I know, It's never ending
All that anger
And it tastes so bitter
No surrender
No surrender

Cause love is listening
Still unwavering
Lift your eyes
You don't have to hide
Little lonely girl
Little lonely girl
Oh you're so lonely girl

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