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Geographer Lyrics

My wings are like this
All my words on his lips

And my brain is on edge
I'm next to the bed
Where i saw you

My weight is like his
We both lost what we kissed

And my hate burns like this
In my hands in his fist

And my love is so quick
Like the legs of my kids

All the worlds i could lift
Only fit
Where i saw you

Pile lover upon lover
'til we're covered with skin

There's nothing to discover
From the thunder and lightning

There's no way to recover
This is love not loving

But now we are all eachother
I was a brother when i saw you

Contributed by Alaina A. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Addam Chavarria

So I lost this song for almost 10 years when my Ipod got destroyed along with my entire collection of music on itunes. I had this jam stuck in my head the whole time, but I forgot the band name along with the name of the song. The only lyrics I could recall where, "when I saw you", which made my life hell till now hahahahaha. I searched my youtube history so many times thinking I could find it with no luck, and also tried to search the only lyrics I could remember which were those 4 words. I had so many damn unsuccessful attempts to find this one song! Right now I am so happy to have this song back, after almost 10 years of hell! Hahahaha

jin blank

what a success story omgg <3

Tyler Walker

You may Rest In Peace now, enjoy the song ! Lol


this happened to me too after years of bad lyrics combinations I finally found it. think it was 2010-2016 for me

Dragic Magic

@Addam Chavarria STRFKR is my favorite 😯

Addam Chavarria

@Aaron Benitez basically I just googled bands similar to STRFKR and it showed a huge web of band I searched the whole list hahahaha

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Gairo Cuevas

This song is rad! I just finished directing the music video for this song with the band. It's being edited right now, and we hope to have it out by the end of the year!

First Name

did it ever get dropped?


That beat just takes you on a crazy journey on its own


I encourage you all to check out the Limousines Remix of this. It's how I found this song. It's great

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