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Arrival of the Queen of Sheba
Georg Friedrich Händel Lyrics

Şu hercai hayata bir kere geldik
Yedik içtik doyduk kalktık hesabı birlikte verdik
Sinsi hayat ihtirası bana hiç uğramadı
Dünya malı zenginin olsun sen benim kadınım

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Comments from YouTube:

Anita L

I bought, with my pocket money, aged 14, the piano duet arrangement of this piece, and begged my piano teacher to play it with me. I practiced for hours, and we ended each lesson with the duet. We once even played it in public! 50 years later, a bit more arthritic, i can still play both parts. Thank you GFH for one of the most stunning pieces of music this child ever heard!


@Sarah Drenth How awesome is that!!!

Sarah Drenth

The pop music artist of the 17th century! I adore his music though! Grew up on it.
Would come home from a hockey game and collapse on the couch listening to Water Music. 👍
I was 14 in the mid 70's 😀

Freya McCullough

If I was exceedingly wealthy, I would a hire an orchestra just to play this every time I arrived somewhere.

Clovis Cameron

I imagine arriving at the gates of heaven and the angels playing this piece as a welcome.

Clovis Cameron



Then this piece would be The Arrival of Queen Freya

Stephen Sanders

Definitely the mentality of women today

Clifford Crimson

That's kinda the idea

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Leaving Loser Land

When my wife brought our youngest daughter home from the hospital, I held our baby in my arms and danced for hours to this piece ... She turned 20 this year and continues to dance joyously :)

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