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I Love You More
George Duke Lyrics

Loving you, gives me something new
I've never felt
Your eyes and your smile and your casual style
Are rock up the new

I thought that I was playing
Trying to keep on saying
That I have you, baby
Yes I do
I've tried to keep from filling
All the things I'm felling
But I love you, Oh girl
Yes I do, Oh baby

Girl I love you more
That I dare to say
That love cannot hide

No I hide
This feeling inside
No I tried to lie
To stop me alike

I want you keep your loving
But something keeps on telling me
Wait awhile, she's not your style

I've tried to keep my distance
You played with my resistance
Until I knew
My love was true for you

Now I know it's true
I love you more
I do (more than yesterday)
I love you more

I 've thought about my future
And I don't want to lose it
No, I'm not fool
I'm playing it cool

Starting understand it
I want to be the best
That I can for you
Help me to, Oh baby

Yes I love you more
Than a way of sun
Lot than a sun
Yes, and the moon
I love you more

I do
I love you more
And the moon
I do
I love you more

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Comments from YouTube:

Rikers Beard

Amazing that a great artist like George Duke didn't realize that he'd written one of the best hooks of all time and ditched it ten seconds in.

John Paul Buce

@Energieko well said


You is absolutely right i was waiting to hear that hook again and was left hanging in space!

Anthony A.

My generation owns that hook now! Digital love - daft punk


it comes back a little around 1:07 but seriously even the main bassline is looking for something like that

Alistair Greaves

Excellent observation!

30 More Replies...

Doctor Nemmo

1979: What a fantastic intro. I wish someone Discovered it...

ari contreras

@Rafael Crabs This man really hates Daft Punk and sampling in general. There's no issue between them and the copyright holders and you are here crying about it. This is a cope and seethe moment + ratio.

John Paul Buce

@Rafael Crabs ok

Jason Anderson

The are cool how they always GET LUCKY with using older samples and still sounding slightly different.

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