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Siesta Loca
Ghost Machine Lyrics

I think id be better off alone
Locked away inside a room without any doors
Is this really what I was meant to be
Is this really all there is for me
Someone tell me that there's something more then this
Could I be better off asleep

The small hand slowly ticks a way
Reminding me again that its just a passing phase
A cigarette to calm my nerves
Anything to pass the time and passify the hurt

Someone wake me when this is over
Someone tell me when this is over

Someone wake me when this is over
Someone wake me when this is over


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Comments from YouTube:

Jacob Caine

why has this album been taken off Spotify :((( i'm so gutted its one of my fav albums its so underappreciated it makes me sad


For anyone who doesn't know, the staticy screamed part is "Lost hope, short rope".


Thank you.

Shadow Maker

i have been trying to figure this out for almost a fucking decade

david vaught

ivan moody is super moody , and any band he makes is super badass !!! love the shit to my core , as a combat vet , it saved me thru my darkess days in iraq.. thanks ivan , would love to meet ya , hug ya and let u know ur emotions amd ur song topics have always hit home.. please keep it up with any band u make..


Bring this band back Ivan!!!!


I think everyone have this one beloved song that is unknown to the majority. It's a song that reminds that person of many things, bad, good, maybe something inbetween. And I am sure, that for me this is the song. One of many. Long forgotten.

Nicolas BC

Esse álbum deveria estar no Spotify

Hari Maia

Awesome band! I love!

Nicolas BC

Ghost Machine - Yes, she's crazy

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