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Ghostface Killah Lyrics

Let's get this money, yeah nigga
Uh, shit is rockstar shit
Radiohead and all them niggas with all them fly names
Yeah, Green Day, Van Halen, Metallica shit
Yeah, Ozzy, shout out to Ozzy

Yo, ay yo
Wallows is crisp the duffle bag got a straight mill
Black Gotti dice I'm often the grill
Party and bullshit, the gun got a full clip
Stop running your trap, you get yapped for that loose lip
Triple goose feel like an OJ glove
And them Gucci seats in the jet is nothing but love
Push come to shove
I'ma burn an half of ounce in the skylark
Ice cold Dos Equis, I don't fuck with the landshark
AMG bop with the glass steering wheel
Petrified wood dash on the the crystal windshield
White tires gold diamond flakes in the paint job
Shit's so sexy, when you look, you get your dick hard
Impeccable, I'm more than intellectual
Dart throwin' don that'll stir fry your vegetable
Told Tanner I'll merk your grandma
For them dead presidents
You should never bite the hand par

I think I saw a ghost
Walking up and down the road
Going coast to coast
It won't stop until the lights turn off
Hangin' on to memories
Well here you go, it's bad for me
I think I saw a ghost
I think I saw a ghost

And that's the word to my mother
I love the motherfucking game, I like my bird to be smothered
Apple juice Beamer at Costco's
Rock and roll shit still make you do the wop though
Leather pyjamas, the house shoes off white
If I wanna win the finals then I gotta call Mike
Floor seats, smoking on purple punch
The other funds stuffed in the safe way up at Oregon
Time for me to shit on the rap game
Range Rove cruise on train tracks in the rain
Face twisted when I'm cracking your frame
Gates missing when I lamp on a plane
I may fracture your brain
Your girl's swimming, I still feel her wet weight
It's a drywall but the cactus remain
Vic Spencer now chilling at the function
This shit's so exclusive big Ghost ain't see it coming
Ayo Starks, man, give me some blue and green wallets

I think I saw a ghost
Walking up and down the road
Going coast to coast
It won't stop until the lights turn off
Hangin' on to memories
Well here you go, it's bad for me
I think I saw a ghost
I think I saw a ghost

Seems they come out at dark
Rockstar like Linkin Park
Guns we gon' let 'em spark
Two tone like Ghost Clark
Hoodie on like we stealing
Crowd look like Van Halen
Mixed with Public Enemy
Busloads of chicks trailin'
White boys'll ride for me
Black boys that die for me
Only keep it gangsta so the fuck boys they hide from me
Too big to stage dive
Too rich to drink and drive
But I still do it, how the fuck am I still alive?
Rap on this dope guitar
Lights on like it's the law
New faces, it's blue face the safe look like Avatar
Got bread for any car
Could buy out any bar
And I stand tall like Bruce and Abdul-Jabbar
Lyrically another level
Deep get another shovel
It's hard to hate on the god, so get another devil
Yeah, weed and liquor in my cup
Still middle fingers up

I think I saw a ghost
Walking up and down the road
Going coast to coast
It won't stop until the lights turn off
Hangin' on the memories
Well here you go, it's bad for me
I think I saw a ghost
I think I saw a ghost

Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
Written by: Vic Spencer, Sean Divine Jacobs, Luke Holland, Dennis Coles

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Most interesting comments from YouTube:

Jordan Davis

His rhymes aren't nonsense. They're just not obvious. He uses creative expression and slang to convey a meaning. E.g if I want to tell you a guy stepped on my foot in public and didn't apologise and I confronted him and cursed him out ...I might rap :

Ayo! Cap jammin , like nail hammerin,
Eye squintin- pressure released,
Henceforth, reflex actions
Made me release bleeps ,
Like mixtapes and vinyl records,
Broken , recycled word pattern degenerate ,
Launching spit missiles through the O²
My go to - clenched fists ,
Dog bark mentality leashed ,
Disorderly speech ,
Sirens flare,
Went cold turkey on this beef,
Never knew what was comin,
Or yo ass would be runnin ,
Civilians don't know howda act,
I could check em but I only do cash.

That may have made no sense to some of you if I rapped that in a song.
Cap jammin means my toe cap was jammed.

Like nail hammerin - means the action of mashing my foot is likened to a hammer ponging a nail ( same action)

Eye squintin- pressure released : My eyes squint in irritation( my wtf expression). Pressure released means he mashed my shoes and kept walking he released his foot off mine.
Henceforth, reflex actions
Made me release bleeps: I was cursing,
Like mixtapes and vinyl records,
Broken , recycled word pattern degenerate: I was acting like a degenerate fool cursing him repeatedly like a broken record repeats words).

Launching spit missiles through the O² : Air we breathe contains oxygen and while I was cursing him spit was flying out my mouth , which denotes I was pissed off.spit was flying out my mouth in open air as I cursed him out.

My go to - clenched fists ,
Dog bark mentality leashed : means I'm angry like a barking dog but I'm leashed , meaning I hold back using my fists like a dog on a leash is restrained from attacking.

Disorderly speech ( not proper conduct ),
Sirens flare ( police passed by)
Went cold turkey on this beef( I abruptly ended the beef with the man)
Never knew what was comin,
Or yo ass would be runnin: the man was oblivious what I was gonna do.
Civilians don't know how to act: meant to be funny. I'm acting crazy but saying the guy not apologising doesn't know how to act, which is hypocrisy.


Peace, too actually inform you what he actually said was Powder Ball, .....
Also heres another lines i know no one really knew.
“ CBL ICE WATER METALIC, PAST TENSE LAID IN GOLD CASKETS”. [ he was refering to only Built for cuban links ( CBL ) ice water, an how ironic as yrs went on Rae formed a company called ice water.. as i was saying, LAID IN GOLD CASKETS ( the 1st wk of release , it went gold..
Oh heres another quote that most didnt catch.. when he said Dre Hill Bitches.. ( lol, well when ran into one of the dre hill members, he had asked an thought why ghost was dissin them an they love em! Well naw he was shouting them out, cause Dre Hill had mad joints an ill bitches lovin they shit, word. So dre hill bitches, specialist, lounging at the mosque, suade kufi, rap undercover dentist’ [ be knockin dudes out ]..
another story on the song one. His manager Free, use to always play the instrumental of ju ju beats. Cause they were always listening to maddddd cd of beats. An that was one of Frees fav, then gfk finally put a dart to it..

But yea tho ghost an his partner an manager Free def put that energy into Supreme Cliental. It took em a lil over 2yrs to do. But the album of yr, that yr. Cause after that, thats when jay put out blue print, an it was obvious what sound influenced him.
Anyway. But thas the break down on it. Glad u a gfk supporter.

Xolile Mgotywa

"Ayo, crash through, break the glass, Tony with the goalie mask
That's the past, heavy ice Roley laying on the dash
Love the grass, cauliflower hurting when I dumped the trash
Sour mash served in every glass up at the Wally Bash
Sunsplash, autograph blessing with your name slashed
Backdraft, four-pounders screaming with the pearly ash
Children fix the contrast as the sound clashes
Mrs. Dash, sprinkle with her icicle eyelash
Ask Cappa Pendergrass for backstage passes
Special guest, no more Johnny Blaze, Johnny Mathis
Acrobat, run up on that Love Jones actress
Distract the cat while I'm high sugar get a crack at this"

All comments from YouTube:

J Sun

This song never gets old. NEVER.

Jessica Lee

I know right facts

C-Bullets The Black Jesus


Rae Gunz

Classic 4ever

Ky Rascoe

Never JuJu from Beatnuts killed this sample for the laser beam vocalist

Ralim Butler

That’s a fact ! Peace to you whoever & wherever you are , we one in the same, I feel the same way

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They should have a course study on deciphering the lyrics of the Great Ghostface Killah.

Adam Kołodziejczyk

@Nicholas Rodriguez bullshit. Recently Ghost said he didn't know what both "Nutmeg" and "One" were about and they're just rhyming nonsense.

Pecker Dúnlaing Space Dolphin Brigada

Ravioli bags nilla

Black Ocean

Yo rs one of the best delivering artist to ever hop on the mic next to me

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