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Comfort of the Void
Give My Remains To Broadway Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Silence Blue

The total work of art begins eerily and mysteriously! Because everything is right here ..., the sound, the singing and the excellent picture, which is really Gothic!

Kathy Senn

As the song came to an end the Santa Ana winds came to mind. So I did some research.. they're called the devil winds, blowing over the dry conifers and brush lower down in the flatlands.. like our enemy does, igniting fires of discord mayhem, leaving in his wake ruins of rubble in lives devastated.. Thank you onlyyesterday1967 for playing this band's music. ..I also researched Xouztoth, wondering if it's from a Greek legend or myth.. I couldn't find anything.. but I did read about HP Lovecraft's writings.. quite imaginative and far-fetched..

Kathy Senn

@Diego Duenas gomez you're welcome and thank YOU! .. your response has put a smile on my face, thinking how close I was..
I was in the ball park-😀

Diego Duenas gomez

Thank you so much wow! Fun fact xouztoth is from a “lovecraft-name-generator” :)


sounds beautiful!!


Fabuloso... Wow que temón!!!😍😍😍

sara olvera

Saludos, buen día para todos!


Extremely good!!!



Yami Spechie

so good really

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