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And Death of
Glen Porter Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Glen Porter:

Self Destruction I'm at the point of mental combustion, stuck in this…

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@Peter Saletti
@Dave Johnson (Dave, check this Peter guy out)
After reading some of your comments on other videos its utterly clear that you're either a troll or a supremely sad human being. Under litarlly every video you comment that its a waste of time, that its bad or that it sucks, lmao. This says so much about your broken character, it would be a miracle if you even had a single friend in life. Took me about 2 minutes to find this. 

1) "Who wrote this crap? Plec is only 40 or 50 years behind Anne Rice!"

2) "I hope this "writer" doesn't get paid for this drivel."

3) "What a waste of time. Worthless. You're an embarrassment."

4) "I'm surprised so people like this. It sucks. It sounds like someone who'd be playing at the mall. Sorry."

5) "This is utterly stupid and a waste of time."

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That look in 3:31... meaning of life


I played this track in the car over and over today. i felt the annoyance of travel drift away and i didn't go home, i just kept going. LOVE IT 

Lucas Mendonça

Wow, im glad you liked it that much, really! I loved doing it as well, but ive learned so much about edditing since then, that i sometimes dont like the video anymore, so its awesome to read such a positive comment, it makes me want to make many more even though i got no time now a days. Thank you!!


nobody listens to this, just me every day :)


Wow, this is just amazing, what a piece of music and film piece, you did so well here. 11 / 10!!!!


I've heard it, the day can start now!!!


I have watched Vanishing Point so many times... This arrangement, music and video, it perfectly captures it. Super Soul's words... They make me happy and haunt me at the same time. We live in a world of rules, imposed on us by others. No mater how hard we all try there is always a roadblock at the end waiting for us that cannot be avoided. Kowalski's soul, now truly free, continued on down that road, leaving both his mortal and mechanical vessel behind in a ball of fire. Freedom of the soul.

graeme green

Great job Lucas, you captured it in less than four minutes, brilliant!


your other one put to Nolida is amazing, had me sucked in,,, he should license his songs for commercials let alone film


really love Vanishing Point and I own a clone of the Challenger that Kowalski drives.
This song complements the movie a lot. Great video, well done.

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