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Globus Lyrics

Hossana Meus
Fortuna Deus
Aeterna Teus
Mystrie, Morte, Sancte, Pior!

Fortuna, Hossana meus
Legionus ab comae
Fortuna, fortuna equis
Ad pugnatoris, in veritae

Hossana meus, fortuna deus
Protego causa in sanctus
Aeternus praetor, firmitas semper
Coryphaeus, rex Regis univers

Prosay solis hossana
Protego sanctus causa
Padre illuminata
Gloria in resurrectum

Prosay solis hossana
Protego sanctus causa
Padre illuminata
Gloria in unum Diem

Terra tenebrae, telluris malus
Quiseri pere curiatus
Genitor edo, in ex domino
Patris illuminata, rex Regis univers

Prosay solis hossana
Protego sanctus causa
Padre illuminata
Gloria in resurrectum

Prosay solis hossanna
Protego sanctus causa
Padre illuminata
Gloria in unum Diem

Lacrimosa, lacrimosa, in ex dominum!

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David Willis

Lots of people asking why Latin sounds so powerful. Here's your answer. It's all thanks to the Romans.
The romans had supreme command over the entire Mediterranean, and most of Europe. This authority and command was conveyed in the language they spoke in. which is why Latin sounds the way it does. more on this:

Take Italian for instance, one of the closest languages to Latin. a word like "Caesar" is pronounced as "Chey-ser" in Italian vs in Latin where it's pronounced as "Kai-sar" (yes that's where the German word comes from).

in addition to this and lots of words end in UM and US (phonetically OOM, and OOS), which has the effect of making something sound almost as if it were more important in a way.
more on this, the pronunciation of sounds in Latin almost always makes things more powerful.

Take Augustus for example.

in English we'd pronounce that as "uh-guh-stus", but in Latin, you get the far more powerful sounding "OU-GOOS-TOOS" (Pronounce the "Ou" the same as the "Ou" in "ouch" to get the full effect.

the Latin language was engineered this way to exert power. when a roman spoke to you, he spoke to you with authority. not just by virtue of him being a roman, but literally through the language itself.

Jarrod Prieto

If anyone happens to see this comment, even the publisher of this video:

I've listened to, and enjoyed this piece of music for 90 times now, that, despite the Latin language, it's given me a very wild idea of how I can turn it into a music video!

Here's how I have it planned:
0:00 (before the music starts) "Atrocity and terrorism are not political weapons, and to those who would use them...

0:07 your day is over. We will never negotiate. We will no longer tolerate and we'll no longer be afraid.

0:14 Terrorism in our nation will not stand. The spirit of this country shall remain undimmed. I will do everything in my power to fight radical Islamic terrorism.

0:26 It's your turn to be afraid.

That's only the beginning.
And this video I'm going to make with this music will contain footage from
Flight 93
World Trade Center
Patriots Day
The Attacks of 26/11
Massacre at Columbine High
Act of Valor (once I see it)
The Rock (once I see it)
Executive Decision (once I see it)

I don't know what other films to include, but the title of this video will be called

"Preliator: Combat Against Terrorism"

The rest is history, and the rest will be part of the surprise. ;)

Who would be interested in seeing that??

Nikola Jurenić

By the light of the moon
And the beings of the night
A curse has been laid upon us
To seek and tear celestial gloss to pieces
By the power of death
And the shadow of the reaper
A call has been brought upon us
To complete the infinite fall of heaven
Without the wit or will to end this journey
We continue travelling towards our faith
Harvesting helpless Christian spirits
Raping the sanctity of saints
The heavenly father is streching his hand
Pathetically begging for mercy
We spit and piss on his sacred flesh
As we breathe the breath of the unholy
For with the sign of the pentagram
Hellfire rage is for us to come
As we shall wander the pit
Unhallowed by the infernal one
We are forever captured
By the embrace of death

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Don Bryant

Everything sounds more important when it is said in Latin


@Emmanuel Goldbergstein yea, to me I love German songs. I hate French songs, the ending parts of verses sound too rushed and loud. While I enjoy English songs if they’re slow.

Brad Hissman

I think it's because she is singing about the end all be all of existence

Paolo Rossi


Random Person

@Carcharocles Megalodon I know grammatical cases, my mother tongue is based on grammatical cases actually, yeah might have but this song is definitely not fully gibberish

Carcharocles Megalodon

@Random Person Well OK, I might've exaggerated, but not by that much. This is riddled with grammar so bad it makes me wonder if those folks have ever heard of such a thing as a grammatical case. Medieval Latin may use some peculiar vocab, but it definitely is grammatically correct.

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If you're a villain and you're fighting the protagonist and when you hear a Latin choir song you're screwed


What do we do when the villain has nukes?

Mr Who

Some SU-30SM isn't Allright with it

Definitely not a cheater

Hahahah Sephiroth for example

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