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GoGo Penguin Lyrics

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:
been listening to this gem on repeat for nearly a year now, still not tired of it, still discovering more layers every time i listen

the power of the silence between the notes
the hitting of all the night notes at the right pitch
the complexity of it all
the talent of each musician

utterly a gift to us all

thank you <3

Comments from YouTube:

Davis Schulz

such an awesome trio. and the piano player is a beast!!

Lukas Karlinger

Davis Schulz Er wieder...
immer da wo die gute Musik ist

Little Baby Bum - Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

What a tune. What a great album. Thanks to Spotify emailing me today about your latest album I've found you! - truly breathtaking, uplifting and goosebumps making tunes. I'm off to buy your album now.

Howard Wimshurst

wow nice

Michael Screen

Occasionally you stumble upon something so endearing, so beautifully crafted, sublime and engaging that it punches a hole through the blandness, banality and tedium to transport you to a better place.

David Stokar

Well said

Lucas Cantino

I felt the same.


what nice words going deep from soul to soul...

Tony Gohagan

Oft' i slam into nothing more fawningly contrived, as off-putting, obviously exaggerated or pretentious, whereupon, faintly wafted, now, into my senses, its frowzy whiff returns me slap-bang into the middle of the place i forgot i was exploring: The YouTube Comment Section of a Jazz or Classical Music Video!

Richard Dibernardo

Amen and hallelujah...

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