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Silver Lining
Go Cozy Lyrics

Now you're gone but it's not over
hanging roots will not be your residence
all your friends have stopped the motion
breezy hopes are all we're now looking for

i have seen you in your high highs
both have ridden down the lows, lonely lows
wont stop visiting our places
always taking along your summer glow

Ooh Oh
summer glow
Ooh oh
summer glow
Ooh Oh
summer glow

sleepy head you're resting soundly
tidal waves could never take you away
we will wake up in the morning
forced awake by all the sunlight we drank see less

Ooh Oh
summer glow
Ooh oh
summer glow
Ooh Oh
summer glow

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Comments from YouTube:


I never know about genres but whatever one this is in must be my favorite.


Dream pop.

1Speedracer3 _

Dreampop for sure.


Indie pop

Rupert N

I'm feeling dreampop... Anyone else?

Lucinda Denning

has an 80s smiths or cure vibe to it... me like alot

Harry Woodman

Absolute Cure and I can hear the Smiths ballad too... not bad

Ninoska Pizarro

underrated gold

Rhea Yoshio


Popeline Out

❤️🙏 pop and Lovely!...🇵🇹😍

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