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Deevil Kneevil
by Godemis

One: Godemis]
(Goddamn it)
(Asshole, this is my fault, I did this...)

Why do they wanna be all on me
Like I was catering I don't be giving a fuck
If they really do want it then I'mma quietly sit at the table and gobble em up
We're a terrible twosome I told you
We darker than Donnie we follow the path to the bunny
They want a collateral from us so all
I can tell em just keep it cause matter don't money
We giving 'em rid of the literate open the Ouija board bought on the iPhone
In the middle of some of that internet code but it regulating all the rides home
I'm ahead of a heli I'm headed for hell and I'm hated by everyone back home
And they call me a pussy but never the less they gon' wanna put stress on my backbone
Like I ought a be able to audible I'mma go down a bitch got the honor roll
Could you put the pussy on the pedestal parking lot pimpin outside on a Conoco
Here we go, here we go, with a tune and a boom they be falling down just like a (domino!)
And you comin' with anything other than love, you better consider that omino
Am I fallin' off yellin' Geronimo I'm in a place to be callin' you out fo'
Keep in mind I be keeping it humble so long as you keep my name outta ya mouth bro
What I'm out fo' a couple of dogs, kibbles N' Bits and Alpo
I'm ahead of the curb higher then heaven I keep it that way from the outdoor
Went in the mall a minute and we eating
Feel like we can, kill a deacon
So you be so kind as to, put a cock in it while I'm preachin'
What in the hell is the matter with y'all?
I don't know why somebody reachin'
Put a couple of bodies on the wall, alive for now so long as the leakin'
In a matter of minutes I make moves and they say I'm a miracle worker
I'm a product of my environment that said, I'm going berserk-er
Betcha bottom dollar on that baby
I don't ask no body to save me
Far as God, I ain't seen him lately
And I'm feeling like everything gravy
Could it be crazy, callin' me shady
Like a Hell-hound with the rabies
And I would type it out like it was spellbound only
If I did, who would grade me?
I am in a zone, thirty second prototype I'm coming to kill a clone
And I don't consider the winner in a war if I end up within his own
Ready or not, we coming in hot
Ubi come spot me
With a net he fetched from out of a yard sale that came up out of a swap meet
Got me I'm a menace to society
Second to driving fords behind this bus with a desire to wreck it
And I'm on your neck with your back bent back holding a back lift
Your mouth wide open just waiting to choke a fat dick
That's it, could it be I'm an arsonist outta practice
Post it on a mattress holding a book of matches
Strapless, got the world on my shoulders but I'm no Atlas
And a haters tongue is cut every Sunday just like the grass gets
Act as if you want it your gonna get it
Gunslinger dumping shells at moving targets and hit it shit is reddic admit it
Dino did it again, sticking rusty spoons inside of a chick or getting it in
They wanna come murder me most certainly I know
The open heart surgeries only a fucking side-show
Under the knife I awaken, both of my eyes glow
Dilated pupils the color of Kevin Hydro
When I'm on this new shit perfecting the recipe
Mixin' KC Tea with the blood of a virgin so blessed the
I can be, held accountable, call it karma I'm just a G
Fallin' short of the rep, with the devil right next to me
Give me a lighter regret it but there's a vacancy
For those who want me under the soil they gotta wait and see
When I look in the mirror all I see is the evil
When I got the shakes from makin' my the shakes out of dead people
The ironies, I'm heavy but fly as an iron eagle
And I'm going down in history known as Deevil Kneevil!

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