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by Goldmund

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Skye Hannah-Drullard

If you listen closely, you can hear the pedals on the piano being adjusted with each stroke of the keys. It sounds just like a heartbeat, almost as if the piano is alive.

blank tae

it’s a keyboard i think. 💀

Kylie Is a loser

and the if it's breathing. the hesitance, like it's thinking and feeling. this song is alive, it's a conversation between the musician and the instrument. it's so beautiful.


you have a beautiful way with words

Pauline Dsp

Skye Hannah-Drullard 😍😍 omg yes

Leon T

ahh the "where did i fucked up" song

Killing Paradox

+Ho Dennis lol XD

Your Grandma

where did i "fucked" up , there, there you fucked it up


To everybody who feels alone, sad, not loved or unsecure. The world is a wonderful place and you are not alone. I want to send you a real big hug and the warmest, hopeful and loving smile i'm capable of. You are a wonderful person and you are beautiful just the way you are. Go out and discover yourself and the world, if you follow your dreams you'll never be wrong.
Feel loved and hugged,

Trapper Welton

thank you for this. much love

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