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Gorgoroth Lyrics

For you the life of temptation
Temptations so wild
With the suffers hold my glad
Treasures blood will rape by so lies
So satural, so wild

Get its the silent sun
Resurrection ruuunnn!


The beautiful world
Now want to cut
A world to win
The beautiful world
Yah! how we must
To grasp you!

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Comments from YouTube:

Alexandre Barata

Hat had a freaking evil voice... Best vocals, and best album from Gorgoroth, in my humble opinion. This song introduced me to Black Metal, it was like taking a punch in the face, from inside!


The guitars starting at 2:12 throughout the rest of the song are so beautiful. Hat is such a great vocalist in top of that. This album is great.


Hat era Gorgoroth was my first black metal experience as well!

Raul Penu

Yeah Hat was a great vocalist


One of the best vocalist but no one knows him

Rao Urotsukodoji

Exactly!!! Hat sounds so vile.

Ajax Telamonian

Hat is a fucking legend.


This album was a masterpiece, it would probably be in my top ten of all time

El Grego



Eyyy comrade

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