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Gorilla Voltage
Gorilla Voltage Lyrics

1: ClockworC]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
You've alluded to the fact that you Judas
And gonna be droppin' names
Get a cock and name I forgive 'em my pistol pop and bang
I stay at the top of the food chain
Dinner and a date with a nice Chianti
Cookin' up brains on a hot plate
Getting bomb brain from a caucasian Beyonce
With some fava beans
I'm the farthest thing from a martyr please
Yes I'll die to serve the weak
Burn a priest
Everybody gonna get learned to see
I'm the C to the L-O-C-K-W-O-R-C
Quantum leapin' up into that pussy
'Cause the best things are free
Got this, non-contest
I'm a bomb threat rockin'
You can smell it on my breath
Fire, brimstone hawkin'
Hot poo, Glock full
Ain't no way they am shit
I be makin' 'em and breakin' 'em
My finger bacon strips
Take a hint, squint
He'd be, the devil is in this he G
You wanted me sick and I'm working a 9 to 5
And jerkin off on your sheets
Sick and a fuckin' and sockin' and mockin' the lion
I am king of the jungle
Makin' it back so the few should see me
On my throne of bone and rubble

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Comments from YouTube:

Richie Eckert

Yall keep saying "this is shit" yet compared to mainstream shit, its literally gold

Cody Prather

@Collector Clout and? Better then that mumble trash

Collector Clout

Richie Eckert Bro Katy Perry is less generic than this. Also he had a bar about Pokemon Go and he's a grown ass man.



Zakk Black

Majik majik ninja whaaat

Lowenthal Irving

the big dude looks like a ripped Heisenberg

jayson russell

Lol whoop whoop on that

Elevated Chillz

lol ripped? no.. THICCCCCCCC YES

Odin Son

i like that they're wearing a behemoth shirt and an overwatch shirt in the beginning. fresh


That’s primal rage shirt....

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