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Gorilla Voltage
Gorilla Voltage Lyrics

1: ClockworC]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
You've alluded to the fact that you Judas
And gonna be droppin' names
Get a cock and name I forgive 'em my pistol pop and bang
I stay at the top of the food chain
Dinner and a date with a nice Chianti
Cookin' up brains on a hot plate
Getting bomb brain from a caucasian Beyonce
With some fava beans
I'm the farthest thing from a martyr please
Yes I'll die to serve the weak
Burn a priest
Everybody gonna get learned to see
I'm the C to the L-O-C-K-W-O-R-C
Quantum leapin' up into that pussy
'Cause the best things are free
Got this, non-contest
I'm a bomb threat rockin'
You can smell it on my breath
Fire, brimstone hawkin'
Hot poo, Glock full
Ain't no way they am shit
I be makin' 'em and breakin' 'em
My finger bacon strips
Take a hint, squint
He'd be, the devil is in this he G
You wanted me sick and I'm working a 9 to 5
And jerkin off on your sheets
Sick and a fuckin' and sockin' and mockin' the lion
I am king of the jungle
Makin' it back so the few should see me
On my throne of bone and rubble

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Zakk Black

Majik majik ninja whaaat

Richie Eckert

Yall keep saying "this is shit" yet compared to mainstream shit, its literally gold

Zack Pierce

This is more true now then ever lol

Cody Prather

@Collector Clout and? Better then that mumble trash

Collector Clout

Richie Eckert Bro Katy Perry is less generic than this. Also he had a bar about Pokemon Go and he's a grown ass man.

Odin Son

i like that they're wearing a behemoth shirt and an overwatch shirt in the beginning. fresh

william knox

@CtheDead209 Yes. From Overwatch.


That’s primal rage shirt....

Joe Nunez

Behemoth is the fucking tits

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