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Gouryella Lyrics

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@DJ Eylisium No.

That music was never intended and created for radio. Those tracks were made only for the love of the music by some "kids" (Ferry and Tijs). They were doing something different.

Only because of the success of those fantastic tracks in those wonderful gatherings did some clever business people realize that there was money to be made with that music. That is how it came to the radio and became commercialized.

And I don't see that as a bad thing. Commercial is not equal to being bad. It's more of an acknowledgement that electronic music without vocals of that level is "real"" music and that more people should be exposed to it.

It was refreshing in those times to hear Trance and other electronic genres on the radio and see it on the music TV in stead of only rock and pop.

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Mohd Alif Mohamad

Who listening in 2020? 😁😁😁😁



Chad Ingman

2021 bro

Dan Jones

As good as it gets

Dan Jones


J m

Me. I'm listening. 👍

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Lucas Mauro

Indeed it is! :D


The 90's were the best years of humanity. Trance, Hip-Hop, and House music were all great and people still had common sense and curtesy.


After 911 everything started to go downhill

Jamie Paterson

Only decade without a space shuttle disaster so you’re absolutely correct there ✅

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