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Andalusian Nights
Govi Lyrics


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Most interesting comment from YouTube:


@Thei9Ways you are here to enjoy the music and to be less racist at least if ya don’t respect individuals respect what you pretend to love .

When the individual reach the point of listening music he/she shall not be brainwashed at least you would know the history .

I want to know what you did to the world if you want to talk about death and intolerance :

1- more than 30 millions innocents died during the war led by English against Scottish

2- more than 8 millions were killed in wars against Ireland

3- more than 350 millions were killed in what is called America now and more than 150 millions African were killed during the slaves shipment .

4- more than 70 millions were killed in India and Pakistan and Nepal .

5- how many innocents died in the First World War how many innocent were killed in the Second World War ?

6- how many innocents were killed in Asia during the colonization of the French and the British

7 how many innocents were killed in Africa during the colonization .

I bet you know a lot better than anyone but you are ashamed to mention anything because you aren’t brave enough to admit how bloody and coward you were and how racist you are .

Instead of enjoying the music I found out my self replying to an asshole like you trying to refresh his memory that was brainwashed , toilet mind .

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Alex Dominguez

Melodía más hermosa!
Melodía que llega a lo más profundo del alma.

Bambino Aute


Ghassan Bazzi

I have been listing to Govi for over 10 years. Never get tired of it. very surreal!

Bobby Jester

Iv been listening for maybe about 10 minutes.... but incan see mexlistenimg now for a life time. What a talent

Peron Rodrigues

El Andalusiam Nights es un Clásico del talentoso Govi.

Desde Río de Janeiro, sigue siendo hermoso.

06.09.2020 a 20:20 pm.👍

Faradilla Soleman

I love the sounds of the guitar and the melody. I listen over and over again.

Bliss Tew

Love to listen to this when I'm on a road trip.

Meme Kings

Allá por el 2005 escuché este tema y ahora que lo vuelvo a escuchar me vuelve a impresionar.

Evelyn Rodriguez

Hermoso 💚!!!

Kevin Gill

Love all Govi music! beautiful.

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