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I've Seen That Face Before
by Grace Jones

Strange, I've seen that face before
Seen him hanging 'round my door
Like a hawk stealing for the prey
Like the night waiting for the day

Strange, he shadows me back home
Footsteps echo on the stones
Rainy nights, on Hausmann Boulevard
Parisian music drifting from the bars

Tu cherches quoi, rencontrer la mort?
Tu te prends pour qui?
Toi aussi, tu détestes la vie?

Dance in bars and restaurants
Home with anyone who wants
Strange he's standing there alone
Staring eyes chill me to the bone

Dans sa chambre, Joel et sa valise
Un regard sur ses fringues
Sur les murs, des photos
Sans regret, sans mélo
La porte est claquée
Joel est barré

Written by: Astor Pantaleon Piazzolla, Natalie Delon, Barry Reynolds, David Wilkey

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She's a piece of art. Such a surreal entity! her aura is incredible, so sensual and mysterious. Some ones don't believe in Grace because part of her image was directed by Goude, but, others women wouldn't fit in her aesthetic, some singers of today took things from her but they don't get the same result, is her aura, is her. She isn't manipulated by the aesthetic, she brings the aesthetic, the identity. My favourite human in the world.

Paul. The Majestic Magnificent

Zaza Dior RBLX Bjork has her own special uniqueness in talent.People like Grace Jones & Bjork have a level that totally stands apart.A high originality that leaves us in wonder.!

Paul. The Majestic Magnificent

I am a life long fan of Grace Jones.Its so hard to sum up the words to describe the Woman,her vast talent and image.Grace Jones is a model,a singer,a actor and yet she is more.!
Your words are put so well and wrote with love.Viva Grace❤️

Sandra Moreno

Alludame a encontrar a chandler riggs
A el legusta esa cansion

jp grumbach

This 'creative' direction video aesthetics took with goude and the like was bad and not only for grace jones. 'Slave to the rhythm' was her first mediocre song whereas the compass point sessions are unique. Pars.

Ayahuaska Pop

Beautiful comment.

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cesar garces

is she from the future....eveything about her is so futuristic, she was even contouring before it even was no joking it´s like super just doesnt make sense she is from the 80´s...she´s even ahead of 2019

Virginia viola

The ‘70’s you mean. Grace Jones is one of my foundation memories..


@Kyoko So then she's like way over 500 years old.


Contouring is from the 16th century... Not everything has to be futuristic, sometimes it can just be good.

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