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Local Girls
by Graham Parker

Sit by my window and look outside, wonder why the sun don't shine on me
What's wrong with you, you stupid child, don't you think that I'm the one
You're waiting to see?
Don't talk too much 'cause she falls for the suckers, makes her feel
Everything is secure
Don't ever leave a footprint on the floor

Don't bother with the local girls, don't bother with the local girls
They don't bother me

She's probably half-wit, she must be straight,
Or bound to have a mother who knows nothing but hate
Don't want to love her, I'd rather knock her down
Standing at the bus stop where she waits each morning
So isolated that she thinks that the army is the place where a man ought to be
Don't bother with them, they don't bother me

Don't bother with the local girls, don't bother with the local girls
They don't bother me

They got the walk, they got the talk, right down without a flaw
At 6:00 I got to stop my dreaming at the counter of the store

Don't bother with the local girls, don't bother with the local girls
They don't bother me

Without a doubt I got to intercept, must be time someone ran and shouted in
Their head
You look all right in the cheap print dress,
But every time you swish it 'round you make me disappear
I'm aware of exactly what I'm doing, making everything a mystery
Don't bother with it, it don't bother me

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Written by: Graham Parker

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Costello, Jackson, Iris and Parker.  
Throw in some Rockpile with Dave Edmunds/Nick Lowe. 
MTV 1981.

lisa evers

This it TOTAL COSTELLO. It's uncanny.


stan broniszewski Michael Jackson might have “loaded the gun“ but all of that reality show bullshit that came about in the early 1990s was what pulled the trigger and destroyed MTV for good. Instead of realizing their mistake and doing away with reality TV (which is all staged bullshit by the way) MTV doubled down on its own stupidity and kept making more of that reality nonsense. Meanwhile the music videos that made MTV famous continue to collect layer after layer of dust over the years and as far as I’m concerned the only people that watch MTV nowadays are immature teens or people who are just plain stupid! When I want to watch a music video of the past I’ll come to YouTube. Piss on MTV.

Vern Pascal

They made their fame by taking the bark off like no has since!!!!!!!!!!!!


iris? lol

Oppothumbs M

Who is Iris? I know the other 3 very well but think early Costello and Parker have no equal.

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Takes me back to 79-80. Blue skies, light breeze, pack of Marlboro's and six pack sitting on railroad trestle abutment without a care in the world. Awesome song.


Clearly in America. Yeah!

Liberty AboveAllElse

Just a great song. This whole album is nothing but aces.


Graham Parker was hailed among the "Three Angry Men of British New Wave" along with Joe Jackson and Elvis Costello.

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